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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Does anyone NOT want to see my scar?

[Whoops -- I drafted this a month ago -- Feb. 5 -- but am just now putting it up today]
It's hard for me to understand that you might not want to, but just in case, I'm not putting the picture up on this blog, instead I'm putting it here. I guess for me the scar is a symbol -- of conquering disease. YIPPEE!! I am likely to whip "Stumpy" out any time, any place. Because people need to know that we can get through this -- and be happy! Minus one breast, but zany as ever. And how about all that fabulous HAIR?
So I'm back to "normal" -- I am leaving "Planet Cancer" and I am "Dancing with NED" -- I've been declared "no evidence of disease." It's as close as I can get to being "cured" -- I know there's a fear of remission, and I'll be seeing a doctor every three months in perpetuity. But it's great to be free, free from the demands and side effects of treatment, great to feel strong and energetic (I can't believe how long I've gone without so much as a cold! -- knock on wood!)
And am I leaving this blog behind, as a relic of "Planet Cancer"? The lack of recent posts suggest that, but -- I and a few friends have decided to do the Avon walk, May 14-15. Walk 39 miles in two days? Seems crazy -- but also an act of faith. Faith, not in any conventional religious sense, but just faith in my treatment, faith in all the wishes, hopes, prayers, help, and "healing vibes" provided by my friends and family. I really belive these have been central to my conquering the disease. Faith in human will and the power of hope, faith in love and celebration -- all these feelings offered by those around me. Also my faith in science, research, faith in drugs to do what doctors say they will do. After all, I never suffered from the disease itself, just from the treatment -- but I had to have faith that the treatment would prove effective, and would keep the disease's ravages from being unleased.