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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Joy of Eyebrows

THEY'RE BACK! And more beautiful than ever. I had wanted to get a close-up picture of my sad-looking "deforested" eyebrows, the few brave hairs that managed to survive. Too late now – they are better than ever, because they all grew back at the same time and thus are exactly the same length. They have a smoothness and regularity that they didn't before.
My beautiful eyebrows. I just stand there in front of the mirror -- raising both (looking alarmed), raising one (looking quizzical), pushing them together in a scowl. Not having eyebrows had really taken away so much of the expressiveness of my face, and just left some very bleak features. The eyelashes are back, too, I saw them first sprouting as a row of tiny dots around my eyes.
And my head hair is growing back, too. It is wonderfully fuzzy (Dr. Brown was stroking my soft fuzz the other day). It is now long enough so that it is lying down flat on my head, and so that some hairs seem extra long, and I can even have messy looking "hat hair" (solved by keeping my hat on – I do still need hats for warmth). The big difference here is the color –the brown is lighter, sort of faded looking. And there is plenty of gray – maybe it's half-gray now, as opposed to the one tiny cluster I previously had over my forehead. That grayness is a testimony to the strain the treatments have been to my body. Also there are some more wrinkles. But all in all, I feel great and am so happy to be feeling so great, and to be getting my hair back!
Yes, I'm still in treatment, but now I once again share the feature of hair with the human race, and with mammals of the animal kingdom.
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