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Monday, November 08, 2004

Moving On --

I’ve been feeling so good! Lots of energy. My eyebrows are growing back -- their full shape is defined by a dusting of stubble, and I was even thrilled to find a hair on my chin!! Wanting both to celebrate and encourage this zesty energy, I signed up for a health club. As I thought about doing this, one of the daunting things was thinking about showing my mastectomy scar in the locker room. I belonged to this club a few years ago, and I never saw anyone with a scar (it is a women-only club). I had to do searches of mastectomy scars on the internet, to try and get some notion of what mine would look like. So eventually I realized that if women haven’t seen such a scar, they should. If one in seven women get this disease, we shouldn’t be hiding!
Then the other thing that started to worry me was feeling self conscious about my lack of pubic hair. AS I looked in the mirror, I wondered if I had enough pubic hair to try a convincing comb-over. ;-) Just kidding, only a man would be silly enough to think a comb-over could be convincing! And now that I'm going to the club, I recall that locker room etiquette of course means that no one ever looks at anyone who has their clothes off ....