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Sunday, October 24, 2004


My mom visited me for my surgery. She was concerned and wanted to be helpful. It was great to see her and have her here – she lives in California and hadn’t been out here to visit since 2000.

She helped drain my drains (of my incision) and also cooked, and busied herself with some major projects like re-organizing my pantry and back stairs. The pantry hadn’t been done since 2000 when she last visited!

Since I was energetic enough to be up and around just a few days after my operation, we went to a musical and an operetta – they were both fine productions (one of the reasons it is great to live in Boston). I do have this vivid memory of walking to the theatre on a blustery afternoon, with my mom urging me “Hold on to your wig! Better hold on! Look out!” Did she even reach out to hold my wig herself? It was in no danger at all; it had a very tight grip on my skull!

It was also the first time that we had spent my birthday together in many years. Friends came over for my birthday, and we had chocolate cake, yum, yum!

Back in June – at the same time I was diagnosed, my mom was diagnosed with a small, pre-cancerous calcification in her breast. She had this removed in a day surgery. So she was able to offer insights on anesthesia and her operation, and pre-and post-operation feelings that were helpful to me. So I benefited both from her assistance psychologically and more tangibly. THANKS MOM!