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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Chemo 6

Wow, only two more to go! The Taxol is so much less difficult than the Adriamycin, it is really a relief. No nausea, no mouth sores. No Rip-Van-Winkle days spent sleeping. Anyway, everything went great, except my hospital lunch came very late, so that my treatment was finished while I was still eating!
Chemo party was fun, the foods I can eat are getting back to normal, still taking it easy on acidic and spicy stuff. We watched Mel Brook's "High Anxiety" ;-)
I've been reading about surgery. Hmm, I have an easier time with the word "surgery" than with the word "mastectomy." Part of my difficulty is that my cancerous breast still looks perfectly normal (except for the little punched out holes from my biopsy). A member of my support group, who also has IBC, says she can't wait to get her mastectomy: "It's swollen, it's discolored and I get shooting pains from it all the time -- get it off me!" But mine's not like that. It looks completely innocent, and a pretty good match to the other breast. Maybe I need to look at some of my own cancerous cells under a microscope.