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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


In the past, I think I was the kind of person who was made uncomfortable by other people’s illness. I hope I did not run away from friends who were sick, but I think I may not have been very supportive or helpful. I didn't know what to say.

Now I get to learn about all the wonderful ways that friends and even acquaintances can be helpful and encouraging. And I can experience the difference it makes. I’ve been helped by so many people going with me to treatments, shopping and running errands for me, moving furniture, all kinds of things. I've gotten calls and cards from people I've emailed with but never met. I've heard from relatives and friends I haven't been in touch with in years. Particularly helpful is to hear about the many other survivors -- people I didn't know had experienced cancer and who now are living normally.

Here are some of the moving and inspiring things that people are saying:

May the medicine do its magic,
May your soul remain strong, and
May friends provide fun and fancy in the weeks ahead.

So very sorry to learn of your travails. But your upbeat spirit comes through no matter what. Life demands that of us at one time and another - I know this personally - and somehow we hang on and carry on - and good things can happen, too.
My son … is coping in ways that I could never have imagined. Stay strong! With affection and hope.

Your "soldiering" stamina is beyond my imagination.
In both of your situations you have my support and respect, as well as a hope that "my bad news" will become "my good news."

As a breast cancer survivor, I know what a difficult and anxious time this must be. I am glad you will keep us informed as to the treatment, diagnosis etc.

I don't have a proper vocabulary in English to express my sadness and feeling of compassion for you. The life hits unexpectedly and very mercilessly sometimes, but you could be surprised to bump into even more

unexpected happy turns. …Be strong and do not lose sense of humor. Surprisingly, but it helps.

Dear dear Liane,

I'm so grateful for your sharing all this! First, I knew none of the cancer news; second, I never saw any blog before, didn't even know what it was; third, I'd heard nothing of your publishing challenge; fourth, I never heard any details from anyone before about the chemo experience. So it's all new, fascinating, terrifying, intense, and real, very real.
Once again I see the force and strength which comes (only?) from facing adversity and crisis -- hopeflly with insight and humor and honesty. Bless you so much for sharing it with me, with us.

Here is to your feisty spirit!

Your Mom has told me that you have many friends who will take your family's place during the next few months. If your mother will let us we will try to do the same for her here.