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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Chemo 2 and Harry Potter

So far, chemo 2 has been much better than the first. Having alerted my medical team to the nausea of last time, they gave me two new drugs to take (in addition to the others). So now I am taking both a $100 pill and a $60 pill! Both, fortunately, in free samples, which seems like such an odd maneuvering demanded by the medical system.
I was still very tired, but so far there has been no nausea at all. I was even able to eat with my friends who came over for my second “chemo party” – I had macaroni and cheese, and I won’t describe the stuff they had, beyond noting that my placid 15-year-old cat Pamela turned into a wild animal chewing on the bones. Today, Saturday, I'm feeling good, quite perky.
During the chemo session itself, Rosie & I started watching the first Harry Potter movie. She is a dyed in the wool fan, and I am a new initiate to this cult. The movies are enjoyable in many ways: as I’m a real Anglophile, who could resist to setting of College life, mossy professors, magisterial dining halls, etc. But some of the characters are such thinly draw stereotypes of bad or good. And the action scenes find it hard to lift themselves from similar scenes of film history – the aerial game played on brooms is so much like horse races (or the Ben Hur chariot race) that we have seen before. So much for film criticism – I’ll see the rest of the HP films, as long as I’m able to get up and stretch in the middle!