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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Good News, me -- Bad news, mom

Good news
Monday – June 14. Learned that my bone scans and CT scans are all normal. The staff person who told me this was very matter of fact, but my friend Laura M was exuberant “You don’t know how great this news this is, this is SO important.” And it is, that the cancer has not spread to the bones, or any other organs -- brain liver, kidneys, etc.

Bad news – Mom
Tuesday was a rough day – my mother learned, exactly a week after I got my diagnosis, that she has breast cancer, too, “ductal carcinoma in situ” (contained within the a duct of the breast). That’s a shock and that we would both be learning this at the same time. And my sister, now with this sudden family history of breast cancer. She says she has a spot on her breast that the doctor said might be a spider bite – that’s one of the frequent mis-diagnoses for IBC (inflammatory Breast cancer). So it’s all a bit nerve-wracking.