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Monday, June 07, 2004

"And 'positive' is bad, right?"

So it all seems to have happened very suddenly. The call came on Monday morning. Dr. Jones always seems to call me right away. The results of your screenings were positive for cancer," she said. "And 'positive' is bad, right?" I was thinking. Rosie and I went in and discussed the results. This all sounds so calm as I describe it, but I was doing a lot of crying.

Anyway, my treatment will start with chemotherapy to try and localize the cancer, which has spread through the lymphatic system of the breast. Wednesday, June 9, I meet my oncologist, Dr. Smith. Friday I have more tests done to see if the cancer has spread. Inflammatory breast cancer spreads quickly and since is difficult to detect, it is usually at "stage III" by the time it is discovered. I feel like such an expert already. The support from all my friends and family members is very moving.

So my book tour is on hold! I have a good capacity to see all new experiences as an adventure, so this is going to be quite and adventure for me.