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Saturday, June 12, 2004

June 11
A full morning of tests – CT scan and bone scan. Yum, yum, got to drink two bottles of a delicious “berrie smoothie” to prepare for the CT scan. (that’s sarcasm ;-P – it was very chalky) Was thinking how bad it must be to go through this as a non-native speaker of English. The CT scan technician explained everything thoroughly, but talked so fast! I was very relaxed and even started to fall asleep, forgetting to listen to the automated voice (like the evil computer in “2001?”) telling me to ‘breath in” and ‘hold your breath.” The bone scan people didn’t explain anything at all, and even traded me wordlessly off to another staff team while I was strapped in on “the rack.” It’s all so routine to them (of course), but I need to ask more questions, like “how long will this take, 10 minutes or an hour?” (it took about 20 minutes)
My mom tells me she thinks about me all the time, and she wants to come out to take care of me. Of course all my friends here are willing to help, so that’s not necessary. Meanwhile she is having her own tests done, an MRI for her pituitary gland, and an biopsy of a “calcification” in her breast. But she says she doesn’t expect them to amount to anything – is that denial or optimism?

Although the biopsy was eight days ago Right Breast is still spectacularly bruised – chartreuse with purple accents. It’s amazing, the things the body is capable of.

June 12 – did another book signing event – I am so lucky to have these wonderful musicians who will work with me