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Thursday, June 10, 2004

meet the oncologist

When Doctor Jones asked me if I had a preference of a male or female oncologist, I didn't say "ooh, yuk, men," just "whoever was the best, but if it didn't matter it was nice to have a woman." She thought the woman (let's just call her Dr. Smith, since I haven't asked if I can write about her on my blog) might have more availability, so I went with her. Yesterday, we (Rosie and I) met her and we both really like her. She was full of friendly and intense energy, and a real passion about her work. She thought that Rosie looked familiar, and Rosie suggested that maybe they had met in the Lesbian community. The doctor wound up telling us her wedding was on Friday, with her partner if 18 years. Their 12-year old son is the best man.
Dr. Smith explained a lot about my type of cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, with an emphasis on how much change and progress there has been in the treatment. She was emphatic and resolute that this can be cured. I will be starting chemo on 6/18/04. I should have been in Milwaukee to read my paper for the NWSA at that time.
I also had more blood tests, and on Friday I go in for a CAT scan. Being in a hospital means a lot of going from floor to floor, registering for different tests, filling out forms again and again. I had a funny incident where someone was registering me for my blood test, typing in my information on a computer form -- name, address, etc. She asked me "Your religious preference?" Thinking she had boxes to check, I asked "What are the choices?" She looked at me with complete astonishment and then we both burst out laughing.