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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Support on "Planet Cancer"

The Breast Center at the hospital has set me up with a support group that I am very excited about. The members range from four years since diagnosis, to me the newest to be diagnosed. What an articulate and interesting group of women! Everyone has so many helpful insights about their treatments and their emotional and psychological processes. I am learning so much about the surgery and radiation that I still have ahead of me. Also all kinds of thoughts about coping with hair loss – and then regrowth, and with other matters like our family members’ response to our illness. I am really feeling very fortunate. If I were in Ohio or somewhere like that I wouldn’t have such an insightful and passionate group to be involved with. Everyone is so committed to offering support and ideas of all kinds. We also have a wonderful facilitator, a social worker who is so knowledgeable about cancer and all the innovations and advances. She is very available; much more relaxed that the doctors are able to be.