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Thursday, June 24, 2004

A fun day at the “Wig Shack”

On my list of “all the good things about cancer” is going to be: “Buy wigs, your insurance pays for it!”
So Rosie and I had a fun excursion to the “Wig Shack” today. That’s not its real name, and this is a specialty wig and prosthetic boutique just for cancer patients and survivors. It was fun, trying on the wigs, and also all the turbans, wraps, special scarves, etc. and then being instructed in my wig “care and feeding.” So I am now the proud owner of two wigs, both with short hair in about my color, in two different styles.
It is nice now to have all the barrage of tests over with, and to be able to think a little about the future weeks and months. It is hard to believe my hair will fall out and I am especially worried about the loss of my eyebrows. I guess the eyebrow pencil is the only way to go, no one is offering fake eyebrows. Also in the “Wig shack” were prosthetic breasts, and I guess that’s something I have to face, too.
It continues to be very moving to get so many positive responses and offers of support from friends – including friends who have wigs they can loan me. And my mom has her old wigs from the 1960s – the ones I had fun in as a child and teenager! A quality wig really lasts.