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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Chemo 3

Again (like after Chemo 2) the nausea was much better, but I wanted to try and do something about the fatigue I experienced; even after 4-5 days I was still very tired. Many of my friends swear by acupuncture, so I decided to try it. I went to someone recommended by the Social Worker who facilitates my support group. The acupuncturist is a very no-nonsense New Englander (which is good, as I have a low tolerance for New Age types), and she could take me right after my treatment. Laura C., a very good friend, went with me to treatment and then drove me, as Rosie was not feeling well.
I had never had acupuncture before, and it was not quite completely painless, but once the needles were in (four in each ear) it was quite relaxing. I lay on my back for this. She also stuck on some tiny little balls to stimulate the meridian point – she left these on. Friday night I felt pretty good, and my color was better, less green-ish gray. Saturday AM I woke up “zippy,” as Rosie described me. Saturday and Sunday I’ve done some napping but also had some energy for doing errands, walking the dog, etc. Not much concentration for reading, but have watched some TV and videos.