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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Chemo 5 -- Round 2

My medical team is emphasizing that I'm on to round two of my Chemo. I've finished with the Adriamycin/Cytoxin and am doing well, so it's on to the next round, four treatments of Taxol. The Taxol was not so bad as it dripped into me (I felt it less than the other drugs), and then I also felt quite energetic the rest of the day. But this was probably because of the steroid (Decadron) they gave me along with the Taxol, which they do because of the chance of an allergic reaction to Taxol. So my fifth "Chemo Party" was the first one that I stayed awake through its entirety!
Another exciting thing is that the time of my treatment has been moved up, so a nurse came around with a menu so I could order lunch -- it was just like getting to order from the room service menu! And the kind of nice bland, soft food that I like!
Today (Saturday) still feeling good, except for some congestion -- due to both a bit of a cold (following the visit of my sister and her children) and the ongoing irritation of my mouth/nose due to the chemo. I've been assured that this may get better with the Taxol (although my eyebrows are at risk).