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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Chemo 7

Pretty uneventful by this time, treatment seeming very routine. I felt fine, and had acupuncture. By today (Sunday) am feeling a little achy, and also tired.

But Friday, right after my treatment, I felt fine. I had my seventh chemo party, which was a little different from the others. I've been thinking a lot about my impending surgery, and trying to get ready psychologically. An artist friend proposed making a plaster cast of my breast. I thought about it for a while, and I thought it would feel nice to have a memento. I suggested that she do them both, so I would have "the set."

So, this was the "entertainment" at the 7th chemo party! It only took about an hour to make. She used plaster-infused strips of gauze, moistened in water. She smoothed them on, they hardened quickly and removed easily (I'd put some vasiline on my skin to protect it). We all had a lot of fun, and came up with ideas like painting it gold to make a breast-plate. I'll try to get some photos up on my other site.