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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Changes -- the Hospital / future plans

The Hospital -- It's funny how it feels kind of like home, how I can't go in there without seeing someone I know, usually right in the parking lot. My anesthesiologist, my social worker, other patients, my doctors, a whole range of nurses. How, even though it is confusing to get from one building to another, my feet now know the way without hesitation even when my brain does not.

It is some sort of turning point, that I am reading less about cancer and more about travel, namely, to Mexico. Several people have recommended taking a trip once I finish treatment. They say that patients often feel let down after the end of their treatment, with its daily routine, and all the attention from and contact with a big range of health professionals. So plan a vacation so that you have a wonderful celebration for the end of treatment, instead of a feeling of post-partum about your identity as a cancer patient. Rosie is Hispanic, and has relatives in Guatemala, so that and Mexico are possibilities. It is more fun to read about Mexico than about cancer!