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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Slouching towards Radiation

Friday was another prep session for my radiation treatments, that begin tomorrow (Monday, Nov. 15). Following my surgery, I felt so relieved, and optimistic that the radiation would be the easiest part of my treatment. Now after these prep sessions I'm feeling a little daunted. Huge machines, laser beams, more drawing on and measuring of my chest. It's all cutting-edge science, that's for sure -- I really feel like the energy and research that is going into making me well is no less involved than that of putting a man on the moon. I saw some of the diagrams that came from my last prep session, like a detailed topographical map of what's between my ribcage. They are actual physicists who do this, as well as the Radiation Therapists who I met, and who will be my "team" for the next six weeks.
I still am thinking that things could be done to make the treatment process less cold and intimidating. I was imagining the big machines covered in brightly colored fake fur -- now that would be warm and fuzzy!