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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Fry me to the Moon ...

As of today, I am finished with all the full treatments (28), and only have the five "boosts" (treatment of the scar area) left. Yeah! I have a very pink square on my chest, including half my armpit -- it looks pretty fried. I got some prescription cream, "Radiodermitis emulsion" that feels very cooling. Anyway, I think I am lucky not to have any blistering or "wet desquamation." And no fatigue or any other side effects.

A friend from my support group was in the hospital for a second time, because of infection to her "pik line." The hospital is not a fun place to be for so long. I borrowed a laptop with a DVD player and took a movie in so we could watch it together -- Danny Kaye's "The Court Jester" -- very fun! She was just getting out today, I'm very happy she won't have to be there over Christmas.

I got fitted with my prosthesis, although it is going to be a while before I'll be wearing it much -- I'm getting cooked to medium rare with radiation, so it will take a while to heal from that. It does look like "the real thing" (not quite as saggy as my remaining "real thing") and feels a lot like it too, in weight. Was a little bit chilly, though -- maybe I can microwave it?? And at last I've learned the difference between "Silicone" and "Silicon."