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Monday, December 27, 2004

Fit as a Fiddle

OK, I certainly am full of energy. Today (Dec. 26) I went to a yoga class, and then tonight (at 10:30) I got out my cross-country skis (giving up on shoveling, after two bouts) and skied around my neighborhood in the new fallen snow! It was beautiful and great to be out before the snow got trampled by plows and people.
I'm excited to be nearing the end of my treatment -- only five more radiations. I do have a blister-like burn on my armpit, but it really isn’t bad. Also a little pinkness and tenderness to the scar area. I'm feeling very lucky that I've had so few side effects from the radiation.
So it's looking like "My Cancer Adventure" is going to end happily -- I'll have to see my oncologist again, but I feel confident the prognosis will be good. Of course, I will be living with cancer -- with regular tests and fear of reoccurrence, so the happy ending is a little bit open-ended. I'm taking Tamoxifen, so I will be getting that hormonal therapy for the next five years. But I am also looking forward to returning to "normal life" and letting my identity as a cancer patient slip out of the foreground.
Rosie and I have decided to travel to Puerto Rico in early January, so I'm having fun planning that.