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Friday, January 07, 2005

Greetings from Puerto Rico

Well, I finished treatment on Jan. 3, and on Jan. 5 Rosie and I took off for Puerto Rico. So far we have just been in Old San Juan, which is beautiful. It's been raining some, but it's very warm and so nice to see tropical flowers and to play with the parrots that live at our hotel.
My skin is still burned and tender, so I haven't been wearing my prosthesis yet, but being here really makes me think I should be wearing it. First, it's being out of all the layers of clothes that we need in New England, and wearing just a tee-shirt or even a sleeveless shirt. Next, it's just that it is quite a breast-conscious culture -- Puerto Rican women wear a lot of low cut tops and tube tops, or spaghetti straps, not just young women but more mature ones too. I even saw a woman holding her cell phone in her cleavage! Not that I'm trying to fit in, but just not standout too dramatically! But the people are very nice and friendly, and no one is staring or anything.
And -- the hair thing! I can really go without a hat. It's short, but it looks like a short cut. It is so exciting! I'm writing from a Ben and Jerry's, where they have public internet access. I probably won't write again untilI get back. This is vacation, Rosie and I didn't bring our laptops!